Full Countdown Terms & Conditions, as follows:

1. Definitions
"Countdown" refers to the trading name of both Countdown Solutions Limited and Countdown Associates Limited in the UK and Marketing Benefits Limited in the Republic of Ireland.
"Working Day" means any day from Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and 27th – 31st December each year.
"Participating Retailer" means a Retailer of goods &/or services in the UK or Republic of Ireland that offer their product to Countdown Members at a discounted rate included but not limited to suppliers of multiple retailer vouchers &/or giftcards.
"Multi-voucher Retailer" means a Retailer of goods &/or services in the UK or Republic of Ireland that agreed to accept a multi-retailer voucher.
"Product" refers to the items of an order – excluding any fees and charges, which will be delivered to the customer.
"Purchaser" refers to a person that is authorised to purchase via a Countdown Purchasing Website.
"Countdown Purchasing Website" is any website owned &/or operated by either Countdown Solutions Limited or Countdown Associates Limited where products are for sale to authorised persons.

2. General Disclaimer
• 2.1.Countdown has taken every care to ensure that the content of the Countdown Purchasing Website is correct and accurate at the time of publishing, that all products are fairly and accurately described and that all discounts are correct. However, orders will only be accepted and processed if there are no errors in the description of the products or their discount as listed on the Countdown Purchasing Website and at the sole discretion of Countdown.
• 2.2.Countdown shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any information obtained directly or indirectly from a Countdown Purchasing Website.
• 2.3.Whilst Countdown has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the website is free from viruses or defects, we cannot guarantee nor be held liable for any damage caused by use of a Countdown Purchasing Website or any website linked to a Countdown Purchasing Website.

3. Copyright and Trademarks
• 3.1.The content and creative in this website is owned under copyright of Countdown Associates Limited and cannot be duplicated or transmitted in any way.
• 3.2.Countdown is a trademark of Countdown Associates Limited
• 3.3.All Participating Retailer and Multi-voucher Retailer logos along with imagery are used with permission from copyright owners.

4. Giftcards, Vouchers and Purchases
• 4.1.Countdown will make all reasonable attempts to ensure that requests for specific voucher denominations are fulfilled, however if the requested denominations are not available, Countdown reserves the right to substitute denominations at its sole discretion.
• 4.2.Products purchased via a Countdown Purchasing Website are for personal use only and may not be re-sold unless otherwise agreed in writing by Countdown.
• 4.3.The Money Back Guarantee offered by Countdown does not apply to any Products purchased via a Countdown Purchasing Website.

5. Payments and Card Processing Fees
• 5.1.All debit and credit card payments made either via a Countdown Purchasing Website or via telephone to Countdown will be processed via SagePay unless otherwise stated.
• 5.2.Debit and credit card payments may be subject to card processing fees which will be calculated at the checkout prior to payment.
• 5.3.All fees &/or charges are reviewed regularly and may change without prior notice.
• 5.4.Countdown reserves the right to amend, remove or add card processing fees at any time.
• 5.5.All payments must clear in full before any Products are dispatched.
• 5.6.If a recurring order (including Standing Order and Internet Banking payment) changes without prior arrangement, Countdown may hold the related purchase until such time as the Purchaser contacts Countdown with their amended purchase details.
• 5.7.Countdown, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reverse, reject or refund any payments that appear to be fraudulent.

6. Refunds and Returns Policy
• 6.1.Countdown does not have a return agreement with its suppliers, therefore Gift Cards and vouchers ordered on your behalf cannot be cancelled or refunded once payment has been received; this does not affect your statutory rights as a UK consumer.
• 6.2.Requests for order cancellation or refund must be made within 7 working days of delivery of Product or in the case of a recurring order (including Standing Order and Internet Banking Orders) within 7 working days of the first order being processed and should be made via email to customerservices@countdowncard.com, via telephone on 01462 708 705 or in writing to:

Countdown Solutions Limited
Suite A1, The Pixmore Centre
Pixmore Way,

• 6.3.Orders sent via Royal mail First Class, Special Delivery or other postal service will be deemed to have arrived by the following working day and this day will serve as the start date for the purpose of refunds or returns. In the case of gift card top-ups or reloads, the load will be deemed as having reached the giftcard within 24-48 hours after release from Countdown and this will serve as the start date for the purpose of refunds or returns.
• 6.4.Where an item has been delivered via a postal service, the customer must use a registered post service to return any Products where a refund is requested. All costs incurred for the return postage to Countdown are the responsibility of the Customer.
• 6.5.In the event of Gift Vouchers being returned, the Gift Vouchers should not be defaced, damaged or invalidated in any way. Any Gift Vouchers returned to Countdown that have been defaced, damaged or invalidated will not be eligible for refund.
• 6.6.In the event that a supplier does not have a refund agreement with Countdown to enable the retrieval of funds loaded onto a Gift Card, Countdown may require the Gift Card be returned prior to issuing a refund. All costs incurred for the return postage to Countdown are the responsibility of the Customer.
• 6.7.Refunds for amounts loaded onto Gift Cards will only be made for funds still available on the Gift Card.
• 6.8.All eligible refunds will be reimbursed to the card used for purchase.
• 6.9.Refunds may be subject to a restocking/admin fee of 5%, the fee will be taken from the total refund value.

7. Charges, Fees, Delivery and Top-ups
• 7.1.All Products are subject to availability; where stock is available, dispatch will take a minimum of 5 Working Days.
• 7.2.Delivery &/or dispatch times are provided in good faith, however these are estimates only and are dependent on stock availability, third party suppliers and delivery companies. Countdown shall not be held liable for any loss, additional incurred costs, damages, charges or loss of discount caused directly or indirectly by failure to meet the delivery or dispatch times stated for whatever reason.
• 7.3.If the Purchaser fails to accept or refuses to accept delivery of any item when delivery is attempted in line with an order; or if the Purchaser fails to provide any instructions required for successful delivery; then risk in the Products shall pass to the Purchaser and delivery will be deemed to have taken place by Countdown.
• 7.4.If Products are returned to Countdown due to failure or refusal of delivery and if such failure or refusal is due to actions of the purchaser or an appointee of the Purchaser, then Countdown may re-sell such Products without notifying the Purchaser.
• 7.5.Where the Purchaser opts to use a recurring payment method (including Standing Order and Internet Banking payment); it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that any payments cover delivery costs where required. Where a payment does not cover the cost of the Products and delivery, Countdown may modify or hold the order until either a balancing payment is made or further instructions are received from the Purchaser.
• 7.6.At the sole discretion of Countdown, additional fees or charges may be implemented at any time. These will appear in the checkout if purchasing via a Countdown Purchasing Website or will be advised during the call if a purchase is made via telephone.
• 7.7.Current* postage charges for the purchase of Products via the Countdown Purchasing Website where delivery charges apply are below:

Face Value Charge
£0.01 - £50.00 £1.50
£50.01 - £250.00 £2.00
£251.00 - £500.00 £7.25
£500.01 - £1,000.00 £8.55
£1,000.01 - £2,500.00 £11.15
£2,500.01 - £5,000.00 £22.50
£5,000.01 - £7,500.00 £33.50

• * Postage charges accurate as at 19 Nov 2015 10:06

8. Risk and Title Transference
• 8.1.Risk of damage to or loss of the Products shall pass to the Purchaser upon delivery.
• 8.2.Title to the Products shall remain with Countdown until: 
o 8.2.1.Full payment of all monies due from the Purchaser to Countdown have cleared and;
o 8.2.2.Successful delivery has occurred

9. Restricted Transactions
• 9.1.Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all purchases via the Countdown Purchasing Website are for personal use only.
• 9.2.If a Purchaser requires products from the Countdown Purchasing Website for either Corporate or Commercial use, the Purchaser must contact Countdown prior to purchase.
• 9.3.Use of the Countdown Purchasing Website is restricted to UK and ROI residents only.
• 9.4.Any transactions found to be of fraudulent or created without the express permission of the card holder will be cancelled and reported to the applicable authorities.

10. Protecting your Purchases
• 10.1.The Purchaser must: 
o 10.1.1.Ensure a secure delivery location is provided.
o 10.1.2.Treat all vouchers and gift cards as cash.
o 10.1.3.Take all reasonable care and precaution in the custody of vouchers and gift cards and ensure that they are not lost, mislaid or stolen.
o 10.1.4.Never give any giftcard numbers including serial numbers or P.I.N. to anyone unless you know who they are and why they need them.

11. Redemption and Participating Retailers
• 11.1.All Products are subject to the terms and conditions of Participating Retailers, the Purchaser must refer to the back of the specific giftcard/voucher or to the website of the Participating Retailer for any specific terms and conditions and expiry dates prior to purchase.
• 11.2.Countdown will not be liable for the refusal of any Participating Retailer nor Multi-voucher Retailer to accept or honour a product.
• 11.3.Countdown is not directly linked to any Participating Retailers, Multi-voucher Retailers or Multi-voucher Retailer suppliers who have products listed on a Countdown Purchasing Website. In the event of a Participating Retailer, Multi-voucher Retailer or a Multi-voucher Retailer supplier going into receivership, administration or bankruptcy, Countdown will not refund, exchange or credit in part or in full any Products previously issued remaining unused outside of the refund policy listed in Section 6 of these terms & conditions.

12. Changes
Countdown reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions as needed. Countdown, at its sole discretion may adjust, add or remove any fees, charges or discounts as required and will implement these on the Countdown Purchasing Website as needed.

13. Force Majeure
In the event that Countdown is prevented, delayed or made incapable of carrying out any of its obligations as a result of causes beyond its control including but not limited to: Acts of God, terrorism, severe weather, rioting, war, industrial action, strikes, trade disputes, power failure, accidents, failure or performance issues of computer, internet or telephony systems, fire, flood, earthquake, default of suppliers or third parties, criminal action, then Countdown shall be released from all obligations and liabilities for as long as such fulfillment is prevented.

14. Confidentiality
By placing an order on a Countdown Purchasing Website &/or contacting Countdown you confirm that you understand and agree that the information you provide will be held as per the Privacy Policy located at http://www.countdowncard.com/privacy-policy.aspx

15. Complaints
We take all feedback seriously and any complaints should be addressed to:

The Customer Services Manager
Countdown Solutions Limited
Suite A1, The Pixmore Centre
Pixmore Way,