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The UK’s Biggest AS SEEN ON TV Product.

It completely breaks down and pulverises stems, seeds and skins of your fruit and veg, making a delicious, healthy smoothie to help give you strength, energy and vitality for a full active life, whatever your lifestyle.

Achieve flawless and radiant looking skin in an instant!

Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander is the foundation, concealer and corrector all-in-one handy compact. Featuring special built-in colour correctors, this translucent mineral foundation matches your skin tone, helps to reduce redness and diminishes the appearance of age spots, dark circles and uneven skin tone. And it’s so light, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing make-up!

The compact kitchen sensation that cooks perfect meals up to 90% faster, at the touch of a button!

This 12-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker will create delicious, hearty, home-cooked meals faster, easier, and retain more vitamins and nutrients than traditional cooking methods, all in just minutes, rather than hours.

Stompeez are the unique super cute animated slippers your kids will love!

Just walk, stomp and jump and the built-in pump action will make your Stompeez pop to life.  Introducing NEW characters from Disney, Dory and Nemo! Check out the full range here.

Work your core like never before with the 12-in-1, ab-blasting WonderCore 2.

Wonder Core 2 goes beyond 180° with an extended range of motion to target your entire core. But Wonder Core 2 is more than just an ab workout – with its built-in rowing attachment it’s a 12-in-1,  muscle-toning system designed to give you the total body results you want without the gym.

The NEW, 4-in-1 multi-cooking smart pan!

With the NEW, 4-in-1 QuadraPan, you can cook four dishes in the same pan, all on the same hob! You can even put it in the oven and roast or bake, or use as a serving dish at your table!  Cook smart with this multi-tasking pan extraordinaire.